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------ History of A.O.E. ------

In 1983, 27 women engineering students from Marquette University started meeting in hopes of forming an organization for the increasing number of women in engineering. The hard work of these charter members brought their dream to a reality. The Founder's Day of Alpha Omega Epsilon is designated as November 13, 1983. On March 22, 1984, the Associated Students of Marquette University voted on and approved their constitution, elevating Alpha Omega Epsilon to a recognized organization on the campus of Marquette University. The first class of candidates was initiated in Fall of 1984, nearly doubling the number of members.

------ History of Iota ------

The Association of Women Engineers was formed in Winter 1998 as a social and professional organization for female engineering students. Our ultimate goal was to become a chapter of the professional engineering sorority Alpha Omega Epsilon. On October 17, 1998, we were initiated as a colony. With the guidance of Alpha Chapter alumni Karen Lehmkuhl and the support of Theta Tau's Omicron Beta Chapter, our dream has finally been realized. On April 1, 2000, the 20 women listed below were initiated as Charter Members of the Iota Chapter:
Jennifer Barnes ME   Hilary Johns ME   Carolyn O'Keefe ME
Tracy Buescher ME   Rose Ketchum IMSE   Amy Pasut ME
Andrea Darge IMSE   Marcey Kewish ME   Kathi Petkus ME
Rachele Galvan CIS   Michelle Kovacs ME   Jana Shockling ME
Elizabeth Gawlik IMSE   Cindy Kreitsch ME   Kristin Suokas ME
Vanessa Harp IMSE   Erika Lindsay ECE   Jennifer Tarter ME
Andreea Iacoban ECE   Christina Mullins IMSE      

------ Symbols and Traditions ------

Silver, Royal Blue and White
Active Flower
White Rose
Alumnae Flower
Calla Lily
Candidate Flower
White Carnation

------ Ideals ------

As an individual, I will promote integrity, character, honesty, self-confidence, and uphold my financial responsibilities.

As a Sorority, we will promote unity, friendship, professionalism, follow traditions, and maintain our image.

As an integral part of the school, we will promote engineering activities, high scholastic standards, and strong relations between students and faculty.

As an active member in the community, we will promote understanding, knowledge, and communication within our profession.


------ Objectives ------

To create friendships while promoting self-confidence, professionalism, and motivation among female engineers of all curricula.

To work for the betterment of the individual and the Sorority as a whole.

To create a friendly and warm environment of its members.

To promote the welfare and interests of the profession.

To strengthen the relationships between students and faculty.

To enhance educational achievements and scholarship.

To help develop the highest standards of personal integrity and character.

To foster and maintain the bond of sisterhood through a continuing program for the alumnae.